10 Tasks to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

November 13, 2023

Running a business can be a lot on someone’s plate. Quite true for small and startup business owners whose days are never too long. But with all the stuff piling up every day, getting pass through everything can be a challenge.

If you’re doing it on your own or have a small team, it’s okay to get extra help. No man is an island as they say. There are ways to create a more comfortable and productive atmosphere for you and your business. The best part is that help can be anywhere in this world like fully competent and experienced virtual assistants who can do many things.

You may be asking, what tasks should I let a virtual assistant do? Start with the small or recurring tasks that you have to do every day. If you let your virtual assistant do these for you, you gain productivity. You also get more time to do other things that you want to focus on.

We have listed the top 10 tasks that you can delegate to a virtual assistant.

  1. Calendar Management

Have a busy schedule or just can’t keep up with the things that you have to remember? Letting someone navigate your calendar for you can take off your stress. Chat with your virtual assistant on how they should manage your calendar.


  • What kind of meetings and activities do you have?

  • What events are considered high priority?

  • When do you want them booked?

  • How often should they remind you?

  • When should you personally review your calendar?


Using a good online calendar is handy. Your virtual assistant can create notifications so you get real-time reminders when something has been added to your calendar or when an event is about to happen in a few minutes or days.

  1. Email Management


Sometimes, you receive tons of emails that you don’t have enough time to go each one of them. Much more to responding! If checking your emails is not your favorite routine, you have the choice to delegate it.


  • What emails are considered important?

  • Are there emails that need follow ups?

  • What emails must be forwarded to you?

  • How will spams and unwanted emails be identified?

  • What responses can they send on your behalf?


You can create a system to guide your virtual assistant in manuevering your emails. With this, there are clear rules for responding, blacklisting, and email forwarding for your immediate attention.


  1. CRM Management


CRM is an extremely important part of your business, but can be tedious one too. Depending on the nature of your business, the processes and tools that you use vary. Here are ways that your virtual assistant can assist in your CRM:


  • Create and manage the entries of your CRM.

  • Monitor the entries and support workflow changes.

  • Review your CRM and perform necessary updates.

  • Ensure that the software integrated to your CRM are working properly.

  • Generate daily/weekly/monthly CRM reports.


With your virtual assistant, you’re sure to have a clean and updated CRM all the time. That means a good customer flow that can rescue you from problems in the future.


  1. Social Media Management


Social media has been everyone’s go-to for the past years. Whether you’re well inclined to it or not, you can have someone do it for you. Social media management is a top-rated skill that a majority of virtual assistants have.


  • Update your business’ information.

  • Publish and schedule posts.

  • Check and respond to messages.

  • Review and filter comments.

  • Create and manage Facebook appointments.


Since social media has a wide and active community, it’s only right to put extra effort into your social media accounts. You get more awareness and sales if your business pages are constantly active and engaging with your customers


  1. Chat Support

Chat support is a common practice in businesses. When this is outsourced, you and your team can shift your energies to more pressing matters. You can entrust this instead to a virtual assistant by going over these questions.


  • Who are your customers?

  • What are their needs and complaints?

  • How can they reach you?

  • What responses should be sent out?

  • What software do you use?


Train your virtual assistant on product knowledge so they can confidently chat with your customers. You’re able to address their concerns fast and easily because someone is dedicated to do it. Plus, it can boost your reviews and sales!


  1. Backend Support


There are backend tasks that you might not know can be delegated remotely for the most part. Virtual assistants who have skills in tech or digital marketing typically do great with backend support.


  • What kind of backend support do you need?

  • What software and tools do you use?

  • Are there confidential data that they can access?

  • Who else from your team can they coordinate with?

  • Do they need training for your backend services?


You can even automate your backend processes with the help of your virtual assistant. Not only do you get extra help, but achieve smoother and more efficient support for your customers - making everyone happy.


  1. Online Research


Maybe your business needs heavy research. If researching is not up your alley, there are virtual assistants who are skilled at it. Investing on online research can benefit you from monitoring to strategy for your product or service so it’s good to have someone dedicated to do it.


  • Find leads and their information.

  • Collect product information or reviews.

  • Gather market and industry trends.

  • Research on the competitive landscape.

  • Know more about any topic that you’re interested in.


Together with your virtual assistant, create a guide on how much information you want and how these will be presented. Your virtual assistant can send you daily reports so you know their accomplishments.


  1. Call Assistance



Not everyone is skilled or fond of calls. A virtual assistant can save you from the hassle of managing your calls. If you’re always on the go, this is ideal for you. Here’s how to do it.


  • Create a welcome message on your behalf.

  • Draft a script that they can use.

  • List down the people for follow up calls.

  • Enumerate the cases for immediate call forwarding.

  • Point out the information that they need to ask. 


When someone is handling your calls, you don’t have to worry on missing on anyone or anything. You also have a gatekeeper who filters your calls before reaching to you. In that way, you’ll only receive the good and urgent ones.


  1. Data Entry


Your business can be juggling with data every day. Though this task may sound easy, it can eat up so much of your time. It’s best to outsource data entry to a virtual assistant who has good accuracy and attention to detail.


  • What web searches do you need on a regular basis?

  • How do you want the format be in the Excel sheet?

  • Do you have requirements for product listing or labeling?

  • Are there file conversion tasks like from PDF to Word?

  • Are there tasks that require copy-pasting?


Setting targets can gauge the effectiveness of your virtual assistant. If there are data entry tasks that seem lengthy or complex, give enough time for them to complete it so the quality stays top. Check on their work to make sure they’re doing it right.


  1. Event Coordination


Preparing for an event is exciting, but a nerve-wracking one too. Having a virtual assistant on your side can lift off the stress from your shoulders. They can assist you in reservations, coordination, and in the event proper.


  • What planning and research can they do for you?

  • Do you have any flight and accommodation bookings?

  • What help do you need in promoting the event?

  • Do you have a team or suppliers who they can liaise with?

  • What post-evaluation can they take part of?


Because a successful event or travel plan calls for hard work, it pays to have someone who is on top of it. It will give you the ease to focus on other things. Regular virtual meetings with your virtual assistant will keep you in the loop.


Now that you know the top 10 tasks you can delegate, you don’t have to look further for a virtual assistant. A Yokly VA can do all these and any administrative tasks that you may have. They are reliable and efficient because taking care of your business is their priority.


Ready to grow your business? Outsource a Yokly VA today.


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